Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Madness

Sometimes the phrase "April Madness" needs to describe how hard folks work to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. As was the case for the Flying Samaritans April clinic in Lopez Mateos. With a huge shortage of available aircraft combined with strong winds turning back some to Phoenix while en-route to Mexico our provider list ended quite short as those arriving to Lopez Mateos included one dentist, one hygienist, one medical doctor, one dietitian, one nurse and one translator along with two chiropractors. We added to that one local dentist and one local medical doctor. Of course Kevin came to finish installing our two new dental stations which will greatly help in the future. All of this left our providers working feverishly throughout the day in order to see all the number given out in the morning. Resulting in 28 dental patients seen by our dentists and 14 dental hygiene patients leaving with brighter smiles. Our Chiropractors helped 83 folks walk a little straighter while our diabetic nurse attended to 7 diabetic patients. Along with her efforts our new dietitian was able to help educate some 20 folks on how to better deal with their health issue by changing their habits and eating better. Our two doctors attended to 28 folks leaving the final number of the day at 160 real time consultations. It seems that the less number of those flying angles that come from Arizona the harder they work to help these folks in such great need. Baja can't thank the Flying Samaritans enough for such heart felt generosity.
That's our story of April and we're all looking forward to an ever greater clinic in May. God Bless All of YOUR Efforts Arizona!