Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Clinic

March came in like a lion in Lopez Mateos and the winds took a break for our Flying Samaritan's clinic in Lopez Mateos. Unfortunately the Tsunami in Japan caused many of the local residents to flee the coast in fear of high waves arriving here which lowered the amount of folks arriving for help. Fortunately that didn't deter our wonderful providers coming from Arizona (including providers from Tucson as well) to help those in need. We had a full list of providers staffing every specialty at clinic resulting in 209 patients helped during the clinic day. That breaks down to 32 general medicine patients and 20 OBgyn together with 11 pediatric on the medical front. Our dental team took care of 38 folks while 15 more walked away with cleaner smiles. Our chiropractor department helped 60 patients walk a little straighter and opthalmology saw 25 folks. We had 8 patients helped by our prosthetic specialist and Tucson provided a pharmacist who was kept busy up until the end of clinic. While we're not about numbers but rather quality health care, it seems that a number tally helps to gauge those successes. Way to go Sams! Looking forward to seeing everybody in April.