Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Sams

February 12th began the day before with one Flying Samaritans plane
arriving to prepare dental and organize the Pharmacy. I always have fun
when a plane comes a day early. It gives me a chance to visit with some of the many big hearted friends who keep coming to bring medical help to rural Baja, Mexico. Late lifting fog wouldn't allow the rest of the folks from Phoenix to land until about 10:00 Saturday morning. As usual the late arrival didn't deter attending to 169 LOCAL FOLKS IN NEED OF MEDICAL CARE. That is after all the reason for all the efforts. Some care providers that we haven't seen for a long time were able to come and that's always such a joy. Lunch was graciously provided again by Neli and Guillermo.
The 169 breaks down to 35 general medicine patients seen as well as 22 children and 19 OBgyn folks. The dental area chimed in with 32 general dentistry patients and 17 folks walking away with cleaner smiles after thorough teeth cleanings. We had 4 amputees helped with prosthetics and Chiropractic making up the rest with 40 adjustments including yours truly. Don was kept busy in Pharmacy the whole day. Thank you all for so much.