Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movil Clinic Strikes again

A dear friend has said to me on more than one occasion that
he needs his Baja Fix after missing several clinics. I am now
beginning to understand what he means. The November movil
clinic wet our appetites in Comondu so we were all yearning to
do another rural clinic. Hence, January 15th was our return to San
Luis Gonzaga. The area has no phone or electric service so making
notices to the community didn't work out as well as we had hoped.
But we did load up in Constitucion and arrived to the pueblo around
10:00 am. Our providers were Dr Gustavo Moraila and Dr Teri Moraila.
They did their own triage and I took care of the pharmacy. Not
many folks knew we were coming resulting in 18 consults for the day.
It is obvious that we will need to work on letting folks know we're coming.
The collection of photos taken include both of the doctors as well as
the community eatery where we were served lunch.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday morning was a bit cooler than most of us are accustomed to so jackets were definitely in order for the 20 knot winds blowing down the runway. But that didn't deter our Flying Samaritans who began arriving about 9:00. Six planes brought enough angles of Phoenix to treat everybody who received a number at 8:00. As a result the day ended with patient statistics of 27 general medicine folks seen along with 15 pediatrics. Our chiropractor attended to 45 and the three dentists working under the hum of construction helped 29 folks. That seems to add up to 116 consultations for January 8th. The pharmacy was kept busy all day filling 94 prescriptions which is the first time we've ever actually had a number for RX. Way to go Sams!

January clinic

Lunch was served waterside by our friends from Constitucion made up of tomales and burritos. I guess it's safe to say that all that fuel is part of what keeps the crew going and tummies from grumbling. Happy tummies equals happy folks. Kevin and our pilots were able to repair one dental chair and install lights for a couple more. The dental addition is well under way and with any luck will be ready to use within the next month or two. We still need to install new air and vacuum lines to the two new stations before they will be up and running.