Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is near

I'm always extremely impressed when folks take three days out of
the Christmas season to go to the great lengths that our Flying Samaritans
do in order to help people they have never met. I guess you would have to say that they truly understand the reason for the season. Helping those who would not otherwise have. Thank you so much doesn't seem to be the right words but it's all I have at the moment. This clinic saw first time providers as well as some who haven't come in a very long time. We even had some first time local translators. Life is simply full of firsts, which makes it so much fun. As a result of the 6 planes landing in Lopez the Flying Samaritan's clinic saw 85 chiropractic patients and 10 dental cleanings.
General medicine helped 26 folks while OB-gyn saw 5 and pediatric patients accounted for 5 who were seen. We also had a plastic surgeon who helped 5 folks out. I guess that brings the total of patients seen at December clinic to 147 which is just wonderful. Thank you all and Merry Christmas to all.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mother Nature

Our November clinic has suffered the results of mother nature.
We had a fair bit of rain just prior to clinic which made the runway
un-usable for aircraft. After speaking with President Dennis and
agreeing that the short days of November would not make it
reasonable to bus providers from the nearest paved runway and
still have enough time on the ground to help folks, we canceled the
November clinic. Far better to be safe and fly another day than to
risk mishaps on a muddy landing strip. See everybody in December!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Sams Clinic

July was the last clinic of the 2010-2011 season and I was unable to attend because I was in the midst of cancer treatment myself. Although July did see some 75 folks helped by the few Sams who were able to go to Lopez Mateos.

October is the beginning of our 2011-2012 season and we were so pleased to have four planes come including one on Friday to get things ready for the Saturday clinic. As well as take care of a few dental patients from the local packing plant who supplies our electricity, water, sewage treatment and security. We had a wonderful clinic considering that we didn't have any general medicine or pediatric care providers available for October. Aside from that the group who came was able to attend to 13 OBgyn patients as well as 98 chiropractic adjustments. Our dental department rocked with 36 general dentistry folks seen and 14 dental cleanings completed. We have a fabulous pharmacist now for several months in a row who just keeps filling those prescriptions. Of course I have no way of knowing how many that was. But the numbers for October seem to total up at 161 patients who were able to have medical care that they otherwise would never be able to see. Way to go Flying Samaritans of Arizona!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

small but powerful

June clinic saw 14 providers arrive to Lopez Mateos from Arizona plus one Mexican provider from Ciudad Constitucion. One of the planes needed to land at Constitucion, but with a heavy fog was delayed until about 9:00 to get on the ground. So clinic got a bit of a late start with many of the providers arriving to Constitucion. I Know, a bit long winded as a preamble. But it is part of the story. Hi Hi! Many thanks to those dedicated providers and pilots as well as translators who give so much. This weekends clinic numbers ended up pretty good for only 7 actual caregivers. General medicine was able to attend to 24 patients plus 14 pediatric and 4 OBgyn. Our dental department made 18 repairs or extractions and helped another 10 folks walk away with cleaner smiles. 54 folks were adjusted by our chiropractors and another 20 were attended by our optometrist from Constitucion. That brings our total to 149 patients seen at the June clinic of the Flying Samaritans in Lopez Mateos.
See you all in the Fall!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

April to May

A couple days after the April clinic yours truly went North for Patrick and my routine doctor visits and to collect donated equipment to get into the various small hospitals and clinics that Los Amigos Flying Samaritans support down in Baja. These trips as most of the group know normally are
10 t0 14 days round trip. So we left Lopez the 12th to arrive San Diego for Patrick's dermatology appointment the 15th of April. Today, now one day past our May 14th Flying Samaritan clinic and we still haven't returned to Lopez Mateos. More on that in a moment.

The only information available to me on May 14 clinic numbers I do not believe are complete. But would like to include what we have. There were at least 30 general medicine patients seen along with 12 OBgyn and 13 chiropractic folks helped. Dental took care of at least 26 patients plus some number which I don't have for cleaning. At least 63 folks were helped to walk a little straighter by our chiropractors. That seams to be 144 folks seen by the Arizona Flying Samaritans. But I think that number will need to be corrected once we are able to get all of the clinic data next week. As mentioned above, Patrick and I couldn't be at clinic.

This is because when we arrived to San Diego to see Patrick's dermatology doctor I also had my usual doctor visits. Excepting that for some reason I had been having what appeared to be sinus allergy symptoms for a few months. To shorten a long story, it turns out that what seemed like allergy symptoms was actually "left maxillary sinus squamous cell carcinoma". This stage four sinus cancer was removed surgically the 12th of May by the highly skilled staff at Balboa Naval Medical Center San Diego. I was told I could go home the 13th which doesn't leave enough time to drive to Lopez Mateos for the May 14th Flying Samaritans clinic. Still having some follow-up appointments during the next several days. We'll get the information to correct the Samaritans clinic data before the June clinic.
That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Madness

Sometimes the phrase "April Madness" needs to describe how hard folks work to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. As was the case for the Flying Samaritans April clinic in Lopez Mateos. With a huge shortage of available aircraft combined with strong winds turning back some to Phoenix while en-route to Mexico our provider list ended quite short as those arriving to Lopez Mateos included one dentist, one hygienist, one medical doctor, one dietitian, one nurse and one translator along with two chiropractors. We added to that one local dentist and one local medical doctor. Of course Kevin came to finish installing our two new dental stations which will greatly help in the future. All of this left our providers working feverishly throughout the day in order to see all the number given out in the morning. Resulting in 28 dental patients seen by our dentists and 14 dental hygiene patients leaving with brighter smiles. Our Chiropractors helped 83 folks walk a little straighter while our diabetic nurse attended to 7 diabetic patients. Along with her efforts our new dietitian was able to help educate some 20 folks on how to better deal with their health issue by changing their habits and eating better. Our two doctors attended to 28 folks leaving the final number of the day at 160 real time consultations. It seems that the less number of those flying angles that come from Arizona the harder they work to help these folks in such great need. Baja can't thank the Flying Samaritans enough for such heart felt generosity.
That's our story of April and we're all looking forward to an ever greater clinic in May. God Bless All of YOUR Efforts Arizona!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Clinic

March came in like a lion in Lopez Mateos and the winds took a break for our Flying Samaritan's clinic in Lopez Mateos. Unfortunately the Tsunami in Japan caused many of the local residents to flee the coast in fear of high waves arriving here which lowered the amount of folks arriving for help. Fortunately that didn't deter our wonderful providers coming from Arizona (including providers from Tucson as well) to help those in need. We had a full list of providers staffing every specialty at clinic resulting in 209 patients helped during the clinic day. That breaks down to 32 general medicine patients and 20 OBgyn together with 11 pediatric on the medical front. Our dental team took care of 38 folks while 15 more walked away with cleaner smiles. Our chiropractor department helped 60 patients walk a little straighter and opthalmology saw 25 folks. We had 8 patients helped by our prosthetic specialist and Tucson provided a pharmacist who was kept busy up until the end of clinic. While we're not about numbers but rather quality health care, it seems that a number tally helps to gauge those successes. Way to go Sams! Looking forward to seeing everybody in April.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Sams

February 12th began the day before with one Flying Samaritans plane
arriving to prepare dental and organize the Pharmacy. I always have fun
when a plane comes a day early. It gives me a chance to visit with some of the many big hearted friends who keep coming to bring medical help to rural Baja, Mexico. Late lifting fog wouldn't allow the rest of the folks from Phoenix to land until about 10:00 Saturday morning. As usual the late arrival didn't deter attending to 169 LOCAL FOLKS IN NEED OF MEDICAL CARE. That is after all the reason for all the efforts. Some care providers that we haven't seen for a long time were able to come and that's always such a joy. Lunch was graciously provided again by Neli and Guillermo.
The 169 breaks down to 35 general medicine patients seen as well as 22 children and 19 OBgyn folks. The dental area chimed in with 32 general dentistry patients and 17 folks walking away with cleaner smiles after thorough teeth cleanings. We had 4 amputees helped with prosthetics and Chiropractic making up the rest with 40 adjustments including yours truly. Don was kept busy in Pharmacy the whole day. Thank you all for so much.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movil Clinic Strikes again

A dear friend has said to me on more than one occasion that
he needs his Baja Fix after missing several clinics. I am now
beginning to understand what he means. The November movil
clinic wet our appetites in Comondu so we were all yearning to
do another rural clinic. Hence, January 15th was our return to San
Luis Gonzaga. The area has no phone or electric service so making
notices to the community didn't work out as well as we had hoped.
But we did load up in Constitucion and arrived to the pueblo around
10:00 am. Our providers were Dr Gustavo Moraila and Dr Teri Moraila.
They did their own triage and I took care of the pharmacy. Not
many folks knew we were coming resulting in 18 consults for the day.
It is obvious that we will need to work on letting folks know we're coming.
The collection of photos taken include both of the doctors as well as
the community eatery where we were served lunch.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday morning was a bit cooler than most of us are accustomed to so jackets were definitely in order for the 20 knot winds blowing down the runway. But that didn't deter our Flying Samaritans who began arriving about 9:00. Six planes brought enough angles of Phoenix to treat everybody who received a number at 8:00. As a result the day ended with patient statistics of 27 general medicine folks seen along with 15 pediatrics. Our chiropractor attended to 45 and the three dentists working under the hum of construction helped 29 folks. That seems to add up to 116 consultations for January 8th. The pharmacy was kept busy all day filling 94 prescriptions which is the first time we've ever actually had a number for RX. Way to go Sams!

January clinic

Lunch was served waterside by our friends from Constitucion made up of tomales and burritos. I guess it's safe to say that all that fuel is part of what keeps the crew going and tummies from grumbling. Happy tummies equals happy folks. Kevin and our pilots were able to repair one dental chair and install lights for a couple more. The dental addition is well under way and with any luck will be ready to use within the next month or two. We still need to install new air and vacuum lines to the two new stations before they will be up and running.