Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11th

December is typically a month of extreme high ocean tides and morning fog in Lopez Mateos. Unfortunately for many the fog didn't lift until eleven o'clock forcing the six Flying Samaritan planes to divert to Constitucion until the fog lifted. Combined with the short days of winter this only gave five hours of the Samaritans on the ground in Lopez Mateos before needing to head back to Mulege. But that didn't dissuade our Los Amigos providers from treating 152 patients today. And we break those numbers down to 16 general medicine and 15 OBgyn followed by 17 pediatric consultations on the medical front. Our local eye doctor helped 15 folks walk away with a better view of the world we live in while our chiropractors helped 58 folks walk a little easier. Our dental team repaired or extracted teeth in 15 patients and another 10 left with brighter smiles. Our prosthetic department attended to 6 additional patients and of course the pharmacy was kept busy the entire 5 hours. This is a huge demonstration of what gets done by those dedicated folks that give up their entire weekend and end up battling the elements of mother nature as well. WAY TO GO SAMS!