Saturday, November 20, 2010

November's El Movil

San Luis Gonzaga rests about 60 km Southeast of Ciudad Constitucion, B.C.Sur, Mexico. Being founded in 1740 by a Jesuit missionary quickly proved that the Church wouldn't have the last word on lands in Mexico.
This Missionary Juan Jacoba Baegert spent 1753 to 1761 building the two steeple temple only to have a Judge transfer it in 1768 to a Soldier named
Felipe Romero who turned it into a cattle ranch. The area remains a farm community to this day with some 100 family farms and ranches within a circle of about 30 km of the mission. There is no commercial electricity in the region so most of the ranches are powered by solar panels feeding lights, refrigeration and water pumps connected to underground springs to irrigate their crops. To arrive here one needs to leave the paved highway and travel 40 km of washboard road winding its way to the foothills of the Baja coastal mountains. Here begins our report of El Movil's activities for today.

El Movil's arrival

Arriving after a 3 and 1/2 hour drive we found the best place to park and set up clinic was in the shade of the mission ruins themselves. Of course this being our first clinic there were a good number of folks waiting in hopes of seeing a doctor.

More than a few arrived on what we might not consider your more common mode of transportation. But the only thing coming out of this mode of transportation's tailpipe is fertilizer.

Todays crew

Todays crew was headed by Dr. Teresa Moraila and supported by our nurse Edmundo and yours truly taking on the pharmacy as best as possible.
Our first remote clinic may not have shaken any lottery numbers but we were quite content to be able to attend to 35 patients before the time arrived to begin the 3 and 1/2 hour return drive. We were actually able to see folks for 4 and a half hours and left behind a very happy and smiling pueblo. Thanks again to the Flying Samaritans and our Mexican care providers for making today possible.

Of course we wouldn't want to leave out one of our very content patients from todays photos!