Sunday, October 24, 2010

Food of course

Crayfish taken from the local spring fed water supply. We would not be allowed to leave before dining on local machaca and hand made tortillas.

Getting in the act

Once installed everybody wants to get in the act by having their blood pressure taken. This is a capability not previously had in the pueblo.


Our host "Dr. Moraila" has the final say as to where to install the blood pressure cuff which the Flying Samaritans also provided.

As one can see, the central health care center is rather sparsely accommodated upon our arrival. The villagers were quick to jump in and help change that. San Luis Gonzaga is home to about 40 permanent residents and is the center for the surrounding family farms of about 100 families. On Monday mornings each of these families bring their k through 9th grade children to the school in the pueblo where these eager young students live until being collected by the parents on Friday afternoon. The three teachers in the school teach besides scholastics, community respect and the responsibilities of getting along with their fellow residents. This is truly back to the basics education. I might also add that this extended farm community is powered by solar panels to provide lighting, refrigeration and irrigation installed at each farm.

Expecting to see Clint Eastwood, Rooster Cogburn or Pancho Villa coming over the hill anytime, required a quick finger on the camera trigger. This town is very near three hundred years old. The yellow trading post seen in the background was last painted in 1900. I'm just amazed at how well the paint has lasted.


In order to add our newly donated dental chairs there is some construction to do. As well, a bit of equipment needs to be relocated. With that in mind, Dr. Moraila requested the next available exam table be given to the health care center in San Luis Gonzaga which is a 300 plus year old mission site about 40 miles Southeast of Constitucion. The Samaritans pretty much all agreed so yesterday was a trip to deliver this piece of equipment to the charming little pueblo. Some 30 km off the paved highway, our route took an hour and 15 minutes driving across the Baja dessert dirt roads. The first thing visible upon entering the pueblo is the little white community clinic.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Season

Wow! What a great way to begin the 2010/2011 season of Flying Samaritans clinic in Lopez Mateos. 7 planes made it to Lopez including one on Friday to get the place cleaned and put in order after almost 3 months of being closed up. We saw quite a few new faces climb out of those Saturday landings. As well as some faces we haven't seen in a good while. All of the warm hearted care ended up with 236 consultations of people arriving with the hope of getting help with their health needs. That breaks down to 15 OBgyn, 45 General Medicine and 18 pediatric folks seen on the medical side. 10 dental cleanings and 21 other general dental care as well as 22 consults with our eye doctor. Rounding that out with 105 chiropractic adjustments, who know how many prescriptions filled and some great food served up by our friends from Constitucion. All in all it was simply a great way to start off the new season of 2010/2011. Hopefully we will be able to make some modifications to the building before the next clinic and add two more dental chairs to the clinic.
That's our story and we're sticking to it.