Monday, August 23, 2010

On the road again

Sunday brought an end to a wonderful visit to the Vancouver area. Watching the Columbia river disappear in the mirror El Movil was as full as our hearts over the time spent there. On to a night visiting Dale and Trish from San Bruno, B.C.Sur in Florence, Oregon on the Pacific coast where we had to bring out even warmer clothing. I needed to use the heat in El Movil in the morning before setting off to points further South. Traveling from Florence back towards I-5 brought a few herds of elk in view rather up close and personal. Our goal today was to reach Beale Air Force Base to take advantage of the military RV park on the base which is home to the U2 high altitude plane. I tried to take some pictures of the U2 directly overhead of El Movil but for some reason the plane didn't show up in the digital photography. Go Figure! We stopped to see Mt Shasta from a rest stop en-route and couldn't resist the photo. The little red VW we are taking to Loreto for one of our dental providers/pilots. Now on to San Diego via Lemoore Naval Air Station. A couple days in San Diego for doctor appointments and we're off to Phoenix to load more equipment before crossing the border South again.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Way Cool in all ways

As more instruments showed up the music moved out on the deck. A fire and warm clothing kept the guests warm and the music was even hotter. Patrick said the cold made it difficult to finger the guitar.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A little relaxing

It seams that these kind of road trips can actually take quite a bit out of a person. We have such wonderful friends and have met some really cool folks on this trip. John and Eileen have been extremely kind and suggested a pot luck dinner at the floating house as a sort of send off. "Well, maybe send off was my concept but it was a lot of fun in any event. So Friday evening John, Eileen, and 9 or 10 folks who know John from one place or another came to the floating house and we struck up the bar-b-que followed by stricking up a little music.

A friend of John's is a guy by the name of Brent Baldwin. Brent has several irons in the fire on any given day or night and had a good quantity of exam gloves (over 5000) and disposable exam gowns as well as 12 gallons of Banicide, a case of powder feeding tube product and various other medical supplies to donate to the Flying Samaritans. Added all the other items John and his many friends donated to the Flying Samaritans, Vancouver literally opened their hearts to our friends in Mexico with the Flying Samaritans. WAY TO GO VANCOUVER!

Youth treatment

The big day has arrived to receive Patrick's new dentures. These were a collaborated effort by Dr. John Griffith of Vancouver, Washington who spent a lot of time with the prep and TENZ therapy in order to get the correct fitting. Scott Alvarez "Owner of Qualident Dental Lab also in Vancouver" donated the dentures and all lab work to make this happen. Because of the short time frame, Scott burned the midnight oil several times during this week allowing us to leave within 7 days of our arrival to Vancouver. Pictured is Scott, John and Patrick in Johns waiting room.
There aren't enough thanks possible in the world for the life these guys improved! Several of our friends have said Patrick looks 20 years younger and I agree! Now if we could find somebody to shave 20 years off me!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Generosity continues

It's been a trip. Nothing like anything we've experienced before...Nirvana to Graceland to Eden and beyond. Each time, surrounded and touched by warm and caring gentle hearts and souls that have, each time, left us in total awe.
Now at this moment, we are at virtually complete repose in a floating house on the serene banks of the Lewis River, in sight of where it joins the mighty Columbia.
The unswerving generosity of good friends residing in Vancouver, Washington, who have opened not only their hearts, but their home as well, to share with us a piece of heaven that we did not realize could exist.
Their assistance with essential equipment for the Lopez Mateos clinic is going to have a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of people.
Their help with personal services we otherwise would never be able to obtain is going to have a dramatic effect on the rest of my life.
We will never be able to express how truly grateful we are. It takes somebody like Dr. John Griffith to be able to give dentures that will indeed serve the rest of my life. Thanks just doesn't seem to express enough. Patrick Malone

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Uncle Dan

The fellow known as "Uncle Dan" is Vancouver's foremost expert on motorhome and RV systems. Pictured as the jolly fellow with the brilliantly shiny hairdo on top. Dan had offered to donate some time and expertise in getting the leveling jacks functioning on El Movil. All of this because Dr. John felt it ever so important, also pictured above. Dan brought in a bright fellow who has a lot of experience with these type of systems. Pictured both prone and with the cooler of the day. CERVESA! Corona no less! How appropriate! I always find it fun to watch somebody who knows what they are doing go to work. "Four Eyes" or Rick, had the four leveling jacks working like a charm in 'bout 10 minutes. Now, our nurses won't feel as though they are aboard a heeling war ship as they move about during clinic. WAY TO GO VANCOUVER! Our heart felt thanks go out to these pillars of the community. Thanks

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More to do!

One of the things we had hoped to do on this trip is to repair the leveling system on El Movil so our providers won't feel as though they are at sea during clinic. Dr John has arranged an appointment with "Four Eyes" who is the local expert on the BIG FOOT coach leveling system Wednesday afternoon. One more item we will be able to check off our "to do list" So enjoying the Lewis River which empties into the mighty Columbia River is the order of the week for El Movil, Patrick and myself.
That's our story for the moment and we're definitely sticking to it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Afternoon Aug 16, 2010

It's a rough job but somebody's got to do it

El Movil's filling up

It's always amazing to me how much equipment can be loaded and hauled in a platform as large as the hearts of those who donate it.
Vancouver Dental/TNJ clinic is located atop Grand Blvd under the beautiful tree lined canopy of Southwest Washington. Dr. John Griffith has offered to help Patrick with new dentures after loading the many heartfelt donations to the Flying Samaritans. The generosity of John and Eileen while El Movil visits this region has gone far beyond the extra mile that so many care providers demonstrate. They let us park El Movil in front of their home for several days and shared some of Eileen's skillfully prepared meals. John and Eileen invited Patrick and I to stay at their river home floating on those huge timbers plucked from the Pacific Northwest forests over the years by nature. I cannot say enough about their hospitality. Pearson field "the oldest working airfield in the United States, opening before fixed wing aircraft" is situated adjacent to Historic Fort Vancouver and Dr. John invited me to go up in his Banaza for a tour of the region. Circling the rim of Mt. Saint Helen's was a pure delight as the 50 knot winds blew ash clouds to the Northwest. He shared many of his favorite local sight from the air. I could never turn down a chance to go flying with friends.

The dentures He is donating will take at least three visits to this majestic office and many thousands of dollars worth of services from Dr. John. The American people are truly the most generous folks on this planet.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vancouver or BUST

One Dentist who knows how to lift heavy chairs

The Columbia river is an integral part of Washington and Oregon economy would be an understatement at best. We are enjoying the banks of this mighty river through the generosity of John and Eileen Griffith. But their generosity only slightly begins with that statement. When Dr. John donated a chem-clave a couple years ago he told me if we could get it he had a dental chair we could have. Well, time has a way of changing things so Dr. John has donated TWO dental chairs and a heart felt gift of teeth for Patrick. The Flying Samaritans just never stop giving. We'll be enjoying the river for a few days while waiting on the dental lab work as well as additional donations of gloves etc to arrive before heading further South on this trip.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Progress Continues

Success transferring plates to a less expensive Idaho for El Movil. Of course the chance to visit with grandkids couldn't be passed up while in North Idaho. Now onto Vancouver, Washington to load dental chairs. Traveling to the Pacific coast again is a welcome exercise passing thousands of the Columbia gorge wind generators spinning electricity into many American homes. A night in the Aimsworth State Park demonstrated the generosity of the State of Oregon when the park ranger waived all fees for El Movil to stay the night and connect to power, water and sewage. His remark "good deeds need to be rewarded" was a breath of fresh air from American bureaucrats.
That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dateline July 28th

After suffering the Sonora desert heat of Arizona for a week it was time to head to the Arizona mountains and cool off at 7500 feet elevation. What a relief before continuing on. A night at Nellis AFB and then to Silver City, Nevada. It was there that Eco Services Inc. donated and installed solar panels atop El Movil which should provide more ecological power for El Movil's medical electronics during clinic use. The mounts were fabricated by Kenny pictured above. Thanks so much to Kenny and Michelle Kramer for the heart felt donation.

A stop on the way North in Asotin, Washington to load an EKG machine donated by Dr. Elizabeth Black and her husband Kevin from next to Tristate Medial Center in Clarkston, Washington. Next stop, North Idaho to acquire less expensive license plates for the future of El Movil.