Friday, July 16, 2010

Dateline July 16

El Movil hit the road North on the 12th of July. Of course for pilots and folks who fly it's a matter of hours to get from Baja California Sur to the U.S.
Not quite so when driving. Getting a late start the 12th El Movil ended up parking for the night in a little community on the Sea of Cortez called San Bruno. Thanks to good hearted friends in the area an electrical connection was offered saving wear and tear on the generator to keep us cool. Next day saw the Cuesta del Infierno disappearing in the rear view mirrors on the way back to the Pacific side and up to a little known beach parking spot called Cielito Lindo practically beside the surf gently falling onto the long sand beaches. Day three found the "border crossing 25 lane shuffle", or should we say jigsaw because that's more what it's like maneuvering amongst the thousands of vehicles attempting to traverse Customs and Border Patrol at one of the San Diego area border crossings. A day or two in San Diego is well in order. As there are no donations to be picked up here we'll enjoy a day or two of the cool Pacific before heading East into the Arizona Sanoran heat in order to deliver opthalmology instruments for re-calibration before returning again to Mexico.
On the Road again!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July Samritan clinic

What a year 2009/2010 has been. Many challenges to the clinic presented themselves from hurricanes to anything but simple logistics, the runway being washed out and the clinics roof pealed off by 130 mile an hour plus winds. As in all previous years the Los Amigos chapter of the Flying Samaritans maintained stellar performance to go along with their huge hearts in bringing much needed and invaluable health care to the remote fishing village of Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos located on the Pacific coast of the Baja California peninsula of Mexico. It is roughly a 5 hour flight from the Phoenix area of Arizona to this little fishing village making it the furthest southern clinic of the Flying Samaritans. Without such dedicated pilots none of the many dedicated care providers and translators could ever reach the needs of the rural Mexican population this far South. So thank you, seems such a small thing to say.
As July closes out the 2009/2010 season, four aircraft brought 11 providers/translators including one arriving Friday afternoon. We had two additional Mexican providers from Constitucion join us Saturday bringing the clinic numbers to 176 folks helped with their health care needs. That number breaks down to 24 general medicine consultations as well as 7 pediatric and 7 OBgyn which included three ultrasounds in El Movil. Chiropractic numbers were one short of a hundred leaving 99 folks walking and bending a little easier. Our dental staff took care of 24 general dentistry needs and 15 dental cleanings. What a way to end the season. We are so much looking forward to the 2010/2011 season beginning in October.
As there are many ongoing equipment needs for such a huge endeavor El Movil was lightened up by temporarily removing the exam tables and ultrasound equipment in order to make room to haul additional donated equipment and supplies down to the region. So an El Movil road trip begins tomorrow to gather up already donated items and return them to Mexico. Keep posted to follow this adventure as well as future ones.
That's our story and we're sticking to it!