Sunday, April 11, 2010


If anything this month, April showered our clinic in Lopez Mateos with an abundance of dentists. We had 4 dentist working plus a hygienist with the 4 chairs we have in operation. Of course they rocked to music with a tune of 27 dental consultations and 11 other folks walking away with brighter smiles. Imagine how much more will be accomplished after we add two more dental chairs this summer! That process will cause us to relocate paediatric across the hall as we knok out another wall at clinic. However, paediatric saw 22 children this month while general medicine treated 44 other folks. 19 ladies saw OBgyn and 11 patients in need of prosthetic limbs were helped. Our chiropractic staff adjusted 117 people. This all brings April's patient count to 251 folks treated for one thing or another. I am so humbled to have a small part in this huge humanitarian effort of the Flying Samaritans.