Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness

It seams that mother nature is sympathetic to our Samaritans. During the entire week prior to March 13th clinic of the Flying Samaritans the wind blew in Lopez Mateos relentlessly. 25 to 35 knots 24/7 all the way up to Friday morning when our local volunteers clean the clinic in preparation for the arrival of those flying angles from Arizona. We awoke Friday to clear, calm weather and it stayed thus right through clinic. Saturday afternoon breezes kept the clinic from getting warm and the Sams jumped right into action beginning with handing out numbers at the gate to waiting folks. It was indeed a rare treat having one of our dental crew handing out the fichas, as this is normally done before arrival of the first aircraft. Which arrived shortly thereafter and clinic actually began almost an hour earlier than normal. With 11 aircraft on the ground many folks were treated. To the tune of 46 general medicine, 22 OBgyn and 23 pediatric. Dental cleaning began earlier than usual so 13 folks walked home with brighter smiles and our dentists repaired teeth of 23 patients. I beleive by the end of the day those dentist were in need of neck adjustments. Of course by then our chiropractors had already left but not before helping 135 patients walk straighter and higher. That seams to total 257 patients helped not including medications distributed by our pharmacy. El Movil saw service with 2 EKG's and 3 ultrasounds. Life is truly good in the Baja. On a side note it is only fair to mention that Sunday morning saw the return of those strong Westerly winds here in Lopez Mateos. That's our story and we're sticking to it.