Sunday, December 13, 2009

Year's end Clinic

While December 12th saw only 25 Sam's arrive to treat the folks in need
here in Lopez Mateos it was ok because it was a Mexican holiday with
many families out of town. As it is also the height of shrimp season
a good number of the population were out in the fish camps up and down
the esteros of Magdalena Bay. Meaning only 140 patients came looking
for help. El Movil got into action providing ultrasound function and
standing at the ready if needed to supply electricity because the
village has had several power outages daily during the past week. This
mostly due to heavy early morning fog playing havoc with the power lines.
The clinic results ended up with 17 family medicine patients seen together
with 11 pediatric consults. OBgyn was able to help 14 ladies and our chiropractic
providers chimed in with 75 adjustments. The dental staff either repaired or
extracted teeth of 13 patients and another 10 walked away with cleaner smiles.
For a December clinic it was all good. The pilots also made last minute changes
for Samuel and his mother Jovita to travel to Tucson for follow-up cornea transplant
Looking forward to 2010 and a great clinic year as well as we are hoping that
El Movil's permit will arrive so that we can begin getting out to the more remote
locations in Baja Sur with care.
Have a Merry Christmas and we'll see you all in 2010!