Sunday, November 15, 2009

Success in November

October was an extremely busy month for our local volunteers. El Movil went to work providing electricity to rebuild houses that were destroyed by Jimena. Olof canceled October's Flying Samaritan clinic by breaking the the dike which was eroded by the hurricane. Clinic roof was repaired, the building mucked out and electricity reinstalled. Many electric circuits were checked out and our wonderful providers were able to arrive one day before November 14th clinic and check out and restored all of the equipment needed to support treating patients on Saturday. A heroic effort by the dental staff cleaning all the instruments before the arrival of dental patients. November's days are much shorter than those of July so clinic was a bit shorter in hours than our providers like. Be that as it may, our angels from Arizona were still able to treat 37 general medicine patients and our new provider from California saw 22 pediatric patients. Obgyn saw 23 and there were 82 chiropractic adjustments. Our diabetic staff saw 18 folks and 18 for were helped by our eye staff. The dental crew repaired teeth of 18 patients and sent 12 folks home with brighter smiles. I believe that totals something like 194 patients seen. The pharmacy didn't slow down from beginning to end. We had a a serious shortage of translators so have huge thanks for our local English speakers who stepped in to fill the voids.

Still have a good bit of repair to complete on the clinic which includes replacing some exterior wood doors with steel doors, rebuilding the pilots lounge/dining area. Which is also part of rebuilding the dike holding the Pacific ocean of the runway and out of the clinic. We also need to rebuild the chain link fence which secures our clinic. All in all it was a great clinic.

Looking forward to December clinic as are the patients who couldn't be seen because sundown was fast approaching. Make plans early for February clinic as that will be the annual fiesta in Constitucion.