Sunday, October 18, 2009

October stuff

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September and October have been busy months. While we don't have clinic in August or September, September was the month of hurricane Jimena. And the resulting damages as well as heroic efforts by the Baja Bush Pilots and NORRA as well as many other organizations bringing help to the Mulege and Santa Rosalia region. Yes, they had horrific flooding due to Jimena. Through all that the Pacific coast where Jimena made landfall with 130 MPH winds was pretty much overlooked by many. Through immense efforts of NORRA and their Siri a couple BBP planes brought relief supplies for Lopez Mateos. As well two Flying Samaritan planes brought relief supplies for Lopez Mateos.

Well the urgency past and looking at the damage we began repairs of the Flying Samaritan clinic. A lot of the roof was replaced. Windows and a few exterior doors will be new and we're still waiting for a new transformer to supply electricity to the clinic.
Tropical Storm Olof forced us to cancel our October clinic and shortly after the dike which holds the Pacific off the runway gave way from being weakened by Jimena. That is in the process of being rebuilt. We had to haul in a lot of fill material. Something like 30 dump loads. The runway is now drying out and barring any further interference from mother nature we will have November clinic.

El Movil stepped into action delivering relief supplies and later provided electricity to help reconstruct some homes destroyed by Jimena. Please visit to see the rebuild efforts in progress in Lopez Mateos.