Saturday, July 11, 2009

Diabetic lab draws in El Movil throughout the day.

July clinic saw 5 Flying Samaritan planes on the dirt runway of our little fishing village in Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos.
Since this will be the last clinic of the summer our wonderful providers stepped into Hyper mode and consulted every person who had received a number at the clinic's gate prior to the aircraft arrivals. El Movil quickly jumped into action with our diabetic provider working all day drawing blood for sugar counts, cholesterol and lipid numbers and educating those patients. Versatility is quickly becoming the bi-word for the Flying Samaritans Mobile Clinic.
As a result of the days efforts "Los Amigos" provided 15 complete diabetic visits complimenting the 30 General Medicine, 10 OBgyn and 6 Pediatric consultations. Our Chiropractors made 55 adjustments and the dental department helped 22 patients with either repairs or extractions. Add to those, 10 dental cleanings and July's clinic ended up with 148 folks seen and treated. Our pharmacy was kept extremely busy since the patients won't be able to refill medications at the clinic again until October when the Fall season begins. Make your plans well in advance for the October clinic as that is when our hosts in Ciudad Constitucion go the extra mile to make all of the Flying Samaritans feel like they are truly part of the community.
We're still waiting for El Movil's permit from the State Secretary of Health before our local providers can begin taking the Flying Samaritan's unique brand of free medical care further into the remote areas of Baja California Sur's Southwest desert communities.
Special thanks also go to Grupo Procaquama for sending 3 translators to help with our shortage of translators. They made a huge difference in the time it took for all of the care given today.
"Grupo Procaquama" is a worldwide organization dedicated to
protection and preservation of sea turtles. We deeply appreciate
these fine young people for volunteering their time to assist
us today.
That's our story and we're sticking to it.