Wednesday, June 24, 2009


From last September until now is the amount of time which was needed in order to give El Movil new makeup. And new makeup is exactly what was needed as the final stage of morphing the rig from womens health care in Arizona to free general health care in Mexico.

Dr Moraila is in the process of acquiring a permanent mobile health clinic permit from the State Secretary of Health. Once we have that little item posted on the inside of El Movil we can begin reaching out into the really small communities which don't have airstrips on weekends other than our scheduled clinics in Lopez Mateos.

Our Mexico medical partners from Constitucion are very excited with the idea of bringing free medical visits to these outlining areas of the Municipality of Comondu. They have already created a waiting list for providers wishing to travel the back communities helping those in need and those who cannot travel to the Flying Samaritan Clinic in Lopez Mateos. Check back often to see the new adventures of El Movil.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

El Movil's first clinic in Mexico

June 13th arrived soon enough bringing the first time for El Movil getting into action as a part of the Flying Samaritans in Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos. As we had a small clinic with only 6 planes bringing 2 dentists and 3 medical providers along with the pilots who brought them and the translators, helpers and triage personnel it was a great beginning. Added to those who arrived in planes we had Oscar from Constitucion helping with dentures. Dr. Villaseñor from Constitucion came as well as his brother Dr. Villaseñor who who spent 18 hours on a bus from Turtle Bay to come and help out. We also had Dr. Rego Roberto "trauma surgeon" from Constitucion as a first time provider. Count 'em up, that's three local doctors getting involved with the Flying Samaritans on a regular basis. The twin doctors began coming last December and have been regular.
All this resulted in El Movil providing 4 ultrasounds which would not have been otherwise done. So the June clinic numbers ended up with the Flying Samaritans treating 38 General Medicine, 12 Pediatric, 21 OBgyn, 23 Eye patients, 70 Chiropractic and a whopping 28 dental patients. We did not have Hygiene providers this month and the Prosthetic department was unable to come. That seems to total 192 consultations provided during the June clinic. Naturally I have no way of knowing how many prescriptions were filled but the pharmacy line was steady from the time the first plane landed until we closed the front gate.
This is our story and we're sticking to it. Hi Hi!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting close to clinic now!

What a difference a few weeks make.
In about a month we'll need to do
some silicone work which won't stick
well to fresh paint. As well as logo stickers
which will come down for the June Clinic.
El Movil is ready for the Flying Samaritans
to begin treating folks in Baja Sur, Mexico.