Sunday, May 31, 2009

Patrick has been spending a good bit of time removing 8 years of interior notes from El Movil. As such he has left a word to the wise.

Whilst the exterior of the medical van which in future days will
be referred to as EL MOVIL has taken on a new life for its exterior
presence, much remains to be done (actually not that much) in the
Howsomever comma in the process of cleaning I have made a Clear And
Present Dangerous decision. There will be unusually severe consequences
for any medical staff member, be it physician, dental engineer or
technician, volunteer, or even visitor that makes the grave mistake
of bringing, carrying, disguising, attempting to disguise, thinking of
attempting to disguise, Scotch tape into El Movil.

Not necessarily in the following sequence, violators may expect to be:
spayed, neutered, skinned and deboned, properly grilled, mortar filled
cast out, plagerized, condemned, expelled, repelled, rebelled,
extolled, untold, probably sold, denied, decried, innards placed outside
in a proper and finely honed manner ready for placing on a formal
presentation plaque as a reminder to all whosoever come there after
with the same considerations.

Bring the blue painters tape instead. All may leave with all body parts
fully intact and operational.
Appropriately stated this date
the Second day of June
Year of Our Lord
Two Thousand and Nine
by the hand of
the Janitor
also known proudly as
Me and the MaMa Bear

Monday, May 25, 2009


Progress is time consuming but always moving forward.
Surprising how much body repair gets done before painting.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Making it the Sam's

Now on to the body shop.
For body repair and new paint.
Will take about 3 weeks to complete.