Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brenda Janeth

El Movil isn't even painted yet and it is already changing lives
in Mexico. See what all the folks who have given with such big
hearts are doing for people they will never even meet.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Dr Moraila

Many know Dr Moraila's sense of humor. It was so much fun
seeing him so touched and without words as all these supplies
and equipment became unloaded. These donations are truly
items which have not been available for his arsenal of tools
to help so many patients without means. It is Dr Moraila who
keeps our clinic out of the political schemes when it comes to
the legalities of our clinic in Mexico.


Planks purchased from Home Depot in Arizona prove invaluable when it came time to unload the 200 pound plus wheelchairs.

Constitucion Arrival

April 25, 2009 Time to begin unloading all this stuff. Dr. Moraila will be pretty much in charge of the task once arrived to Constitucion.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The trip

April 18, 2009 found Pheonix in the rear view mirror. The next 280 or so miles was a chance to get to know the driving peculiarities of this odd looking greyhound bus while on those nice and wide divided freeways that the U.S. had spent so many years and so much of it's citizens hard earned money building. Learning how much play is in the steering, what speed is the most economical and how much room is needed for safe braking. All of the understanding of the rig needed before plying the narrow, poorly marked Baja highways with no shoulder and few places to pull off if needed. Each stop brought better understanding of the various systems as well as discovering what they each do. Of course once in California you cannot park a rig this size just anyplace. So careful planning is becoming the Norm.

April 19, 2009 the MoMobile crossed the border into Mexico at Tecate bound for it's new home in Baja Caifornia Sur. With a full tank and about six hours to arrive in the first stop of El Rosario. How appropriate as this is where the Flying Samaritans had their humble beginnings. With 60 MPH winds the six hour trip was a white knuckle affair on the narrow highways of Baja's trans-peninsular route. The MoMobile's first night in Mexico had been long awaited. This is where we might inject that the locals refer to the vehicle as"El Movil" Hence we have fondly dubbed it so.

April 20, 2009 saw little traffic leaving El Rosario at 4:00am. Armed with a fresh pot of coffee brewed aboard El Movil and burritos cooked in her microwave, leaving early helped greatly in the next section of Mexico #1. At that hour little to no traffic snakes through the national park which extends from El Rosario to just North of Gurrero Negro some 224 miles. This is the home of the Cirio trees which look much like a Rat's tail rising 20 plus feet from the desert floor. Watching these unique wonders of nature as the sun peaks over the hills brings a feeling of calm over the soul. These magnificent example of evolution grow nowhere else on earth. This is also the section of the trip where the first Southbound military checkpoint is located. I have always enjoyed chatting with these young soldiers as they look through all vehicles in search of illegal weapons and evidence of illegal activity. With strong gusty winds pounding the side I gripped especially well of the steering wheel, including each time a semi truck passed the opposite direction. In these moments of passing Semi's the outside tires of El Movil and the Semi would most always reach past the edges of the asphalt while barely breathing between the two vehicles. The Santa Rosalia grade, also known well as "Questa del Infierno" (hell's grade), often requires one of the passing rigs to stop short of each curve because there is simply not enough clearance for two big rigs to be on the curves at the same moment. Sleeping while parked among the cactus is normal in the Baja so passing Mulege, Loreto and up the Liui grade brought El Movil peacefully to Lopez Mateos April 21st.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Loaded and Southbound

After April 11th clinic Alicia returned North with the Samaritans. The process of loading all the items to be donated begins once the last of the new tires are installed and license plates are attached.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Travel Preps

Flying Samaritans
Board of Directors Meeting

March 30, 2009

Motorized wheelchairs: Don Downey and Gail Brown picked up 9
wheelchairs from Barrow’s Institute they donated to the Flying
Samaritan’s. Don has 3 currently working. Dr. Moralias would
like a couple for loaners for the hospital. We will send the wheel
chairs down in the Momobile. Don Downey will put on new
batteries on the wheelchairs.