Sunday, December 13, 2009

Year's end Clinic

While December 12th saw only 25 Sam's arrive to treat the folks in need
here in Lopez Mateos it was ok because it was a Mexican holiday with
many families out of town. As it is also the height of shrimp season
a good number of the population were out in the fish camps up and down
the esteros of Magdalena Bay. Meaning only 140 patients came looking
for help. El Movil got into action providing ultrasound function and
standing at the ready if needed to supply electricity because the
village has had several power outages daily during the past week. This
mostly due to heavy early morning fog playing havoc with the power lines.
The clinic results ended up with 17 family medicine patients seen together
with 11 pediatric consults. OBgyn was able to help 14 ladies and our chiropractic
providers chimed in with 75 adjustments. The dental staff either repaired or
extracted teeth of 13 patients and another 10 walked away with cleaner smiles.
For a December clinic it was all good. The pilots also made last minute changes
for Samuel and his mother Jovita to travel to Tucson for follow-up cornea transplant
Looking forward to 2010 and a great clinic year as well as we are hoping that
El Movil's permit will arrive so that we can begin getting out to the more remote
locations in Baja Sur with care.
Have a Merry Christmas and we'll see you all in 2010!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Success in November

October was an extremely busy month for our local volunteers. El Movil went to work providing electricity to rebuild houses that were destroyed by Jimena. Olof canceled October's Flying Samaritan clinic by breaking the the dike which was eroded by the hurricane. Clinic roof was repaired, the building mucked out and electricity reinstalled. Many electric circuits were checked out and our wonderful providers were able to arrive one day before November 14th clinic and check out and restored all of the equipment needed to support treating patients on Saturday. A heroic effort by the dental staff cleaning all the instruments before the arrival of dental patients. November's days are much shorter than those of July so clinic was a bit shorter in hours than our providers like. Be that as it may, our angels from Arizona were still able to treat 37 general medicine patients and our new provider from California saw 22 pediatric patients. Obgyn saw 23 and there were 82 chiropractic adjustments. Our diabetic staff saw 18 folks and 18 for were helped by our eye staff. The dental crew repaired teeth of 18 patients and sent 12 folks home with brighter smiles. I believe that totals something like 194 patients seen. The pharmacy didn't slow down from beginning to end. We had a a serious shortage of translators so have huge thanks for our local English speakers who stepped in to fill the voids.

Still have a good bit of repair to complete on the clinic which includes replacing some exterior wood doors with steel doors, rebuilding the pilots lounge/dining area. Which is also part of rebuilding the dike holding the Pacific ocean of the runway and out of the clinic. We also need to rebuild the chain link fence which secures our clinic. All in all it was a great clinic.

Looking forward to December clinic as are the patients who couldn't be seen because sundown was fast approaching. Make plans early for February clinic as that will be the annual fiesta in Constitucion.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October stuff

Please visit

September and October have been busy months. While we don't have clinic in August or September, September was the month of hurricane Jimena. And the resulting damages as well as heroic efforts by the Baja Bush Pilots and NORRA as well as many other organizations bringing help to the Mulege and Santa Rosalia region. Yes, they had horrific flooding due to Jimena. Through all that the Pacific coast where Jimena made landfall with 130 MPH winds was pretty much overlooked by many. Through immense efforts of NORRA and their Siri a couple BBP planes brought relief supplies for Lopez Mateos. As well two Flying Samaritan planes brought relief supplies for Lopez Mateos.

Well the urgency past and looking at the damage we began repairs of the Flying Samaritan clinic. A lot of the roof was replaced. Windows and a few exterior doors will be new and we're still waiting for a new transformer to supply electricity to the clinic.
Tropical Storm Olof forced us to cancel our October clinic and shortly after the dike which holds the Pacific off the runway gave way from being weakened by Jimena. That is in the process of being rebuilt. We had to haul in a lot of fill material. Something like 30 dump loads. The runway is now drying out and barring any further interference from mother nature we will have November clinic.

El Movil stepped into action delivering relief supplies and later provided electricity to help reconstruct some homes destroyed by Jimena. Please visit to see the rebuild efforts in progress in Lopez Mateos.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

El Movil Helping Relieve Jimena needs

With many thanks to the Baja Bush Pilots El Movil steps into action helping
get needed supplies to Jimena affected Lopez Mateos.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hurrican Jimena

Hurrican Jimena struck our town of Lopez Mateos, B.C.Sur on September 2nd with cat 2 to cat 2 strength winds. While El Movil suffered no damage as she rode out the blow the same cannot be said for the rest of Lopez Mateos. As is usual there was no media coverage in respect to how hard this disaster struck. Not even in the Mexican press. The carnage left 80 houses completely leveled and as many more destroyed beyond usability. The village isinthe process of digging out and cleaning the tons of debris and removing the rubble that once housed entire families.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Diabetic lab draws in El Movil throughout the day.

July clinic saw 5 Flying Samaritan planes on the dirt runway of our little fishing village in Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos.
Since this will be the last clinic of the summer our wonderful providers stepped into Hyper mode and consulted every person who had received a number at the clinic's gate prior to the aircraft arrivals. El Movil quickly jumped into action with our diabetic provider working all day drawing blood for sugar counts, cholesterol and lipid numbers and educating those patients. Versatility is quickly becoming the bi-word for the Flying Samaritans Mobile Clinic.
As a result of the days efforts "Los Amigos" provided 15 complete diabetic visits complimenting the 30 General Medicine, 10 OBgyn and 6 Pediatric consultations. Our Chiropractors made 55 adjustments and the dental department helped 22 patients with either repairs or extractions. Add to those, 10 dental cleanings and July's clinic ended up with 148 folks seen and treated. Our pharmacy was kept extremely busy since the patients won't be able to refill medications at the clinic again until October when the Fall season begins. Make your plans well in advance for the October clinic as that is when our hosts in Ciudad Constitucion go the extra mile to make all of the Flying Samaritans feel like they are truly part of the community.
We're still waiting for El Movil's permit from the State Secretary of Health before our local providers can begin taking the Flying Samaritan's unique brand of free medical care further into the remote areas of Baja California Sur's Southwest desert communities.
Special thanks also go to Grupo Procaquama for sending 3 translators to help with our shortage of translators. They made a huge difference in the time it took for all of the care given today.
"Grupo Procaquama" is a worldwide organization dedicated to
protection and preservation of sea turtles. We deeply appreciate
these fine young people for volunteering their time to assist
us today.
That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


From last September until now is the amount of time which was needed in order to give El Movil new makeup. And new makeup is exactly what was needed as the final stage of morphing the rig from womens health care in Arizona to free general health care in Mexico.

Dr Moraila is in the process of acquiring a permanent mobile health clinic permit from the State Secretary of Health. Once we have that little item posted on the inside of El Movil we can begin reaching out into the really small communities which don't have airstrips on weekends other than our scheduled clinics in Lopez Mateos.

Our Mexico medical partners from Constitucion are very excited with the idea of bringing free medical visits to these outlining areas of the Municipality of Comondu. They have already created a waiting list for providers wishing to travel the back communities helping those in need and those who cannot travel to the Flying Samaritan Clinic in Lopez Mateos. Check back often to see the new adventures of El Movil.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

El Movil's first clinic in Mexico

June 13th arrived soon enough bringing the first time for El Movil getting into action as a part of the Flying Samaritans in Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos. As we had a small clinic with only 6 planes bringing 2 dentists and 3 medical providers along with the pilots who brought them and the translators, helpers and triage personnel it was a great beginning. Added to those who arrived in planes we had Oscar from Constitucion helping with dentures. Dr. Villaseñor from Constitucion came as well as his brother Dr. Villaseñor who who spent 18 hours on a bus from Turtle Bay to come and help out. We also had Dr. Rego Roberto "trauma surgeon" from Constitucion as a first time provider. Count 'em up, that's three local doctors getting involved with the Flying Samaritans on a regular basis. The twin doctors began coming last December and have been regular.
All this resulted in El Movil providing 4 ultrasounds which would not have been otherwise done. So the June clinic numbers ended up with the Flying Samaritans treating 38 General Medicine, 12 Pediatric, 21 OBgyn, 23 Eye patients, 70 Chiropractic and a whopping 28 dental patients. We did not have Hygiene providers this month and the Prosthetic department was unable to come. That seems to total 192 consultations provided during the June clinic. Naturally I have no way of knowing how many prescriptions were filled but the pharmacy line was steady from the time the first plane landed until we closed the front gate.
This is our story and we're sticking to it. Hi Hi!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting close to clinic now!

What a difference a few weeks make.
In about a month we'll need to do
some silicone work which won't stick
well to fresh paint. As well as logo stickers
which will come down for the June Clinic.
El Movil is ready for the Flying Samaritans
to begin treating folks in Baja Sur, Mexico.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Patrick has been spending a good bit of time removing 8 years of interior notes from El Movil. As such he has left a word to the wise.

Whilst the exterior of the medical van which in future days will
be referred to as EL MOVIL has taken on a new life for its exterior
presence, much remains to be done (actually not that much) in the
Howsomever comma in the process of cleaning I have made a Clear And
Present Dangerous decision. There will be unusually severe consequences
for any medical staff member, be it physician, dental engineer or
technician, volunteer, or even visitor that makes the grave mistake
of bringing, carrying, disguising, attempting to disguise, thinking of
attempting to disguise, Scotch tape into El Movil.

Not necessarily in the following sequence, violators may expect to be:
spayed, neutered, skinned and deboned, properly grilled, mortar filled
cast out, plagerized, condemned, expelled, repelled, rebelled,
extolled, untold, probably sold, denied, decried, innards placed outside
in a proper and finely honed manner ready for placing on a formal
presentation plaque as a reminder to all whosoever come there after
with the same considerations.

Bring the blue painters tape instead. All may leave with all body parts
fully intact and operational.
Appropriately stated this date
the Second day of June
Year of Our Lord
Two Thousand and Nine
by the hand of
the Janitor
also known proudly as
Me and the MaMa Bear

Monday, May 25, 2009


Progress is time consuming but always moving forward.
Surprising how much body repair gets done before painting.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Making it the Sam's

Now on to the body shop.
For body repair and new paint.
Will take about 3 weeks to complete.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brenda Janeth

El Movil isn't even painted yet and it is already changing lives
in Mexico. See what all the folks who have given with such big
hearts are doing for people they will never even meet.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Dr Moraila

Many know Dr Moraila's sense of humor. It was so much fun
seeing him so touched and without words as all these supplies
and equipment became unloaded. These donations are truly
items which have not been available for his arsenal of tools
to help so many patients without means. It is Dr Moraila who
keeps our clinic out of the political schemes when it comes to
the legalities of our clinic in Mexico.


Planks purchased from Home Depot in Arizona prove invaluable when it came time to unload the 200 pound plus wheelchairs.

Constitucion Arrival

April 25, 2009 Time to begin unloading all this stuff. Dr. Moraila will be pretty much in charge of the task once arrived to Constitucion.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The trip

April 18, 2009 found Pheonix in the rear view mirror. The next 280 or so miles was a chance to get to know the driving peculiarities of this odd looking greyhound bus while on those nice and wide divided freeways that the U.S. had spent so many years and so much of it's citizens hard earned money building. Learning how much play is in the steering, what speed is the most economical and how much room is needed for safe braking. All of the understanding of the rig needed before plying the narrow, poorly marked Baja highways with no shoulder and few places to pull off if needed. Each stop brought better understanding of the various systems as well as discovering what they each do. Of course once in California you cannot park a rig this size just anyplace. So careful planning is becoming the Norm.

April 19, 2009 the MoMobile crossed the border into Mexico at Tecate bound for it's new home in Baja Caifornia Sur. With a full tank and about six hours to arrive in the first stop of El Rosario. How appropriate as this is where the Flying Samaritans had their humble beginnings. With 60 MPH winds the six hour trip was a white knuckle affair on the narrow highways of Baja's trans-peninsular route. The MoMobile's first night in Mexico had been long awaited. This is where we might inject that the locals refer to the vehicle as"El Movil" Hence we have fondly dubbed it so.

April 20, 2009 saw little traffic leaving El Rosario at 4:00am. Armed with a fresh pot of coffee brewed aboard El Movil and burritos cooked in her microwave, leaving early helped greatly in the next section of Mexico #1. At that hour little to no traffic snakes through the national park which extends from El Rosario to just North of Gurrero Negro some 224 miles. This is the home of the Cirio trees which look much like a Rat's tail rising 20 plus feet from the desert floor. Watching these unique wonders of nature as the sun peaks over the hills brings a feeling of calm over the soul. These magnificent example of evolution grow nowhere else on earth. This is also the section of the trip where the first Southbound military checkpoint is located. I have always enjoyed chatting with these young soldiers as they look through all vehicles in search of illegal weapons and evidence of illegal activity. With strong gusty winds pounding the side I gripped especially well of the steering wheel, including each time a semi truck passed the opposite direction. In these moments of passing Semi's the outside tires of El Movil and the Semi would most always reach past the edges of the asphalt while barely breathing between the two vehicles. The Santa Rosalia grade, also known well as "Questa del Infierno" (hell's grade), often requires one of the passing rigs to stop short of each curve because there is simply not enough clearance for two big rigs to be on the curves at the same moment. Sleeping while parked among the cactus is normal in the Baja so passing Mulege, Loreto and up the Liui grade brought El Movil peacefully to Lopez Mateos April 21st.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Loaded and Southbound

After April 11th clinic Alicia returned North with the Samaritans. The process of loading all the items to be donated begins once the last of the new tires are installed and license plates are attached.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Travel Preps

Flying Samaritans
Board of Directors Meeting

March 30, 2009

Motorized wheelchairs: Don Downey and Gail Brown picked up 9
wheelchairs from Barrow’s Institute they donated to the Flying
Samaritan’s. Don has 3 currently working. Dr. Moralias would
like a couple for loaners for the hospital. We will send the wheel
chairs down in the Momobile. Don Downey will put on new
batteries on the wheelchairs.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Forward Progress

Flying Samaritans
Board of Directors Meeting

March 2, 2009

What is Status of Momobile: Leave unpainted to cross border. Bob Jackson will get
roll sticker with Flying Sam’s logo. Will bring paint along and Alicia will have painted
in Mexico.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Flying Samaritans
Board of Directors Meeting

February 2, 2009

What is status of Momobile: Don Downey states it is
unwrapped. Kevin Collins made a motion to allow Don
Downey to paint and whatever else is deemed necessary to
get it across the border. Seconded by Rick Koril.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What Next?

Flying Samaritans
Board of Directors Meeting
January 5, 2009

MoMobile: Don Downey getting new battery, getting quotes on
overhauling motors on generators and unwrapping and possibly painting.
Then smog testing and licensing