Thursday, June 21, 2018

June gloom

Hurricane Bud fizzled down into
a tropical depression by the time 
clinic rolled around. But it did
leave a good amount of rain in
Sonora creating uncomfortable 
and unsafe flying conditions. 
At the same time our clinic 
landlord began needed electric
upgrades to their facility which 
also provides clinic electricity 
and water not to forget sewer 
treatment lift station. As such 
clinic was canceled. It is yet 
unclear as to when the electric
upgrades will be complete but 
could go until after July clinic 
For this reason all the clinic meds 
have been moved to the mobile
clinic and A/C turned on to keep
them safe from damage. Clinic
power was safely shut down on
June 20th. transformer in the
process of being removed to do
needed care on it and power
poles will be replaced.

Friday, May 25, 2018

May clinic numbers

There seems to be much being
said that this was the best clinic 
ever. It was a wonderful amount of
folks helped. However, let us not
forget all the great clinics by all
the great providers in past years.
As example when looking back over
the blog I find these great numbers.
378  Mar 2013
419  Mar 2014
362  Nov 2016
347  Oct 2016
377  May 2016
304  Oct 2017
307  Apr 2017 

Medical   44    attended
Peds   12         attended
Cleaning  10   attended
Dentists  27    attended
Chiro 70         attended
Prosthetics 7  attended
Hearing  15    attended
Eye 88            attended
RXS        113  attended
LSI Med   28  attended
LSI dental 12 attended

Quantity of patients attended in
Lopez Mateos  386
LSI                   40
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Monday, April 30, 2018

April numbers

April clinic numbers were

General Med – 42
OB/GYN – 6
Peds – 11
Dentist – 31
Hygiene – 5
Chiro – 84
Reading Glasses – 56
RXS     84

Total Patients attended
Lopez Mateos      319

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February a bust! or perhaps not

As we have been reminded many times over
the years, we are in control of very little in
our lives. And the weather is a big one we
have no control over. While rain may well
have canceled our February Sams clinic, it
did not stop all of our Sams efforts to
improve the health of those in this little
Mexican Pueblo. Your huge hearts and 
many hours of work still paid off in that
the joint effort of the Flying Samaritans 
and Aeromedicos were able to provide the
continued education and training of first
responders in Southern Baja. The joint 
efforts of the past two years in this program
has now certified 4 first responders with the
education and skills needed to get folks from
health risk situation to the ER alive. 
Including two firefighters, one army medic
and one ambulance operator.  This is
a huge step forward in the new 911 emergency 
response system now being created in Mexico.
Yes, you can now dial 911 in Mexico for help.
This never existed before all of your efforts.
Way to go! Then as soon as we wrapped those
classes up we had two pilot/doctors take two
patients up North to have prosthetic legs made
and indeed return both patients to waiting
families walking on two legs. You never seem
to stop changing lives. 

Then through much planning over the past
year our joint efforts brought down the Rutgard
group once again to perform life changing
cataract surgeries in our little clinic by the sea.
Yes, they were able to give 13 folks who arrived
without sight the gift of seeing their loved ones
once again. We are indeed blessed by so many
folks with such huge hearts and pocketbooks
to make all of this happen even during a time
when the weather kept our group from making
the trip down.
WAY TO GO 2018!  

Friday, December 22, 2017

Tis the season

December being the season of giving our
Flying Samaritans didn't disappoint.
With one plane arriving Friday clinic was
well prepped and ready to see the 300
patients that came Saturday. Since I am
not there at the moment I do not have the
break down other than that.

As the Flying Samaritans has also been
supporting the efforts together with our
AeroMedico partners of training Mexico
First Responders this weeks was also very
exciting in those endeavors certifying 150
folks in CPR as well as 28 who completed
both the CPR/AED/First Aid classes to begin
the process of becoming certified First
Responders. This process takes almost two
years to complete and we indeed certified
three First Responders as well as one 
Mexican Certified CPR instructor. Looking
forward to seeing everybody after the
holidays. And of course we wish all of you
a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


We had a great season kickoff
in October with great support
from our local medical community.
Often there aren't enough providers
from our wonderful group and we
turn to the local providers to help
fill in the gap. We began this many
years ago and it has proven very
successful on so many fronts which
include how we maintain our permit
from the State board of health to
allow foreign doctors to practice
medicine in Baja California Sur.
We are so thankful for this support
from the State government and hope
to continue such for many years to
follow. I was asked to inform our
local dental providers from La Paz
that we had plenty of providers this
month so their services would not
be needed. I sent a text message to
those providers as such and they
found other things to do. We were
asked to give 30 dental and 30
hygiene numbers out which I
reduced by 5 each for the fog. 
Also as many other numbers as 
needed for other providers. This
is the season for fog and mother
nature did not disappoint so our
planes could not arrive until late
morning. That never deters the 
giving heart and souls of folks who
travel so many hours at such great
cost to bring such loving care to a
community so in need of great health
care. While we were waiting for the
fog to lift we gave out 22 gen med,
5 ped, 3 obgyn, 22 eye, 16 glasses,
20 chiro, along with the 25 dental
and 25 hygiene numbers. We were
blessed to have providers arrive on
Friday so triage began early and we
began seeing eye patients long 
before the fog lifted. All of this resulted
in 25 folks seen by general medicine
and 6 children attended to along with
4 OBgyn patients on the medical front.
26 folks were helped with eye needs as
well as another 38 folks were given
reading glasses. Our steady hands in
the chiropractic building took care 
of the needs of 45 folks while our 
dental crew were able to see to the 
needs of 13 of the 25 numbers we
gave out and 14 of the 25 hygiene
numbers we gave out. All in all the
November clinic was a great success
seeing 171 folks plus 55 medicine 
fills from our pharmacy. That brings
us to the magic number of 226 consults
completed which is pretty darn good
for a day that only had 5 hours on the
ground due to fog.


Sunday, October 22, 2017

New season New Beginnings

October 2017 saw 10 aircraft landing in Lopez Mateos
filled with enthusiastic angels of humanitarian help.
With both our Flying Samaritans and Aeromedicos
staff we had a very busy day. Prior to the first plane's
arrival we had both a local ambulance operator and
a Mexican Army paramedic beginning triage in order to
speed the process once planes arrived. This was followed by
our local Mexico Red Cross folks helping with triage before
heading off to classes provide by us to further educate them
as first responders.

We also had a dentist from La Paz and a hygienist from
Constitucion seeing folks before everybody arrived from

This resulted in 22 patients seen by our dental folks and 17
more who walked away with brighter smiles. Of course all
of that kept those who labor to sterilize all those instruments
on their toes. Our optometrist from Constitucion also arrived
early getting a head start on seeing eye patients.
Between him and our staff 30 folks were helped with various
vision needs not including the 42 pair of reading glasses that
folks were helped with.
Our medical providers took care of the needs of 30 adults and
13 children. 70 folks were helped by our chiropractors and
another 15 had physical therapy sessions. This brings the first
clinic of the season to a close with 239 folks seen in Lopez
Mateos and another 65 who left with all the needed
medications from our pharmacy totaling to 304 completed
actions for October 2017.

Newsflash Nov 1st: I was informed that our crew who went
to LSI had a very successful clinic as well attending to
18 general medicine, 14 dental and 8 dental cleanings.
That's an additional 40 folks seen for November bringing
our total to 344 folks attended to in November.

That's a great start to a new season.
See all of you in November