Monday, June 26, 2017

No June Gloom

There was certainly no June Gloom in
our June clinic of the Sams/Aeromedicos.
A bit short of providers was the concensious
Friday evening. But as Saturday arrived we
had some nice surprises with an MD from
Aeromedicos as well as our dentist from
La Paz with his lovely wife to assist. It has 
been a while since having an eye doc at
clinic and those number went really fast.
Taking care of 25 eye patients Laurie was
the last one done. Imagine the surprise of
our hygiene not being the last to finish after
21 cleanings. With two dentists moving like
lightning they drilled down the needs of 22 dental patients. OBgyn saw to the needs of
11 ladies and our MD from Santa Barbara
helped 13 folks with their various needs.
9 children were seen by our pediatric 
provider to round out the medical front.
We were blessed with audiology who helped
14 folks hear better with hearing aids. 
Our magicians with their hands in the
chiropractic department took care of
87 folks including myself. I am told that
14 medical patients were helped in LSI this
month which rounds out to 216 patients seen
by our providers. Then there were 92 fills
of medication for a total day of 308 actions
completed. WAY TO GO GROUP!

Looking forward to seeing everybody in 

Sunday, May 21, 2017


While we didn't have April
showers the May clinic came
up roses. A little wait to launch
out of Mulege due to marine
layer didn't stop the Sams from
having a great May clinic. Even
though we didn't have OBgyn our
two medical providers were able to
help 32 family medicine patients as
well as 10 children. Our chiropractors
helped 90 folks walk straighter with
less discomfort on the medical front.
Without an optometrist we were still
able to help 43 folks leave with new
reading glasses. 6 children were given
teeth sealant while 17 folks were able
to leave with cleaner, brighter smiles.
Our dentists rocked in helping 26 folks
with their dental needs. So if I can still
add after such a fast paced day that
comes to 224 folks helped with the 
needs they came for. Once we add in
the pharmacy fills of 70 that brings
the May total to 294 folks helped.
Way to go SAMS! Looking forward
to June. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

April Showers? Well, no. Marine Layer!

While we didn't have April Showers
we did have a VERY heavy marine
overcast which delayed our April
clinic start until well after 10:00.
Which is rather normal this time
of the year. What is not normal
is turning on the air compressor
just before plane arrival to find it
burned out. Oh My! Fortunately
we have a spare stored in town.
A call to the cannery for a truck
and some strong backs quickly 
got the new compressor in place
and final connections were being
made just as our tireless president
poked his head in the compressor
room. So with a new compressor
up and running and a dentist from
La Paz to add to our dentist from
Arizona we had 16 folks leave
with repaired teeth together with
19 patients walk away with brighter
smiles. Our general medicine providers
took care of 20 patients needs and
10 children were seen by pediatric.
OBgyn rounded out the medical front
with another 3 and our chiropractors
helped 83 folks leave with less pain.
While we didn't have an eye doc 29
folks were helped with new reading
glasses which seems to total  180
folks before adding in the 82 meds
filled for a total count of 262 folks
helped this month. Not bad when we
consider that we moved the clinic
date one week due to Easter holidays.
Way to go Sams!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

March Madness

While it's been a difficult
Winter with weather which
ended in cancellation of our
January and February clinic
March finally became the
thriving clinic we have become
accustomed to. This post is
a bit late since we had to make
a fast run North the morning
after clinic for medical reasons.
However, March ended the dry
spell with 32 general med folks
helped and 15 children seen
together with 85 chiropractic
patients taken care of and 9
ladies seen by OBgyn on the
medical front.  With help from
our Aeromedico friends 21 folks
had their teeth repaired together
with another 21 folks walking
away with brighter, cleaner smiles.
We didn't have optometry but were
able to help 48 folks with new reading

That is 228 patients helped before
adding in 79 medications filled by our
outstanding pharmacy for a grand total
of 307 completed consultations in March.
Way to go everybody! We also had a clinic
in Laguna San Ignacio which I am told was
a great turn out although I have no numbers
for that. See you all after Easter! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merry Christmas

The year end holidays are always
a bit of a challenge with so many
folks traveling to spend quality
time with family. And it seems if
something can go wrong this is
the time of year when it will. This
month both became evident with
one plane developing mechanical
failures when departing Arizona.
So clinic ended up with 4 less folks
who desired so much to bring some
Christmas heartfelt care to Mexico.
Fortunately with many local families
traveling to be with family over the
holidays this didn't become an issue.
We also had a plane develop engine
issues in Lopez Mateos. Our group of
dedicated folks were able to move
passengers to other planes so that 
pilot could lighten the load in order
to return to Mulege. Just another 
example of how adaptive the Flying
Samaritans are in all the efforts to
bring quality health care to such
under served communities like the
little fishing village of Lopez Mateos.

December also has shorter days in
turn allowing less time on the ground.
A triage nurse was able to begin 
before the first plane arrived which
allowed our general medicine folks
to help 18 adults as well as 16 children
with their needs. OBgyn saw 5 ladies.
Our chiropractor helped alleviate
the discomforts of 68 folks and 32 were
able to be given reading glasses. Our
dentist took care of 14 people and 
another 17 folks left with cleaner and
happier smiles. That 170 folks helped
gets another 45 added for pharmacy
fills leaving our grand total of consults
for one week before Christmas of 215 
What a great way to end 2016 and look
to 2017. You guys demonstrate the 
reason for the season. Care and love
to bring better lives to a people who
find so much joy from all of your efforts.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
hear in Baja California Mexico.  

Sunday, November 20, 2016

November 2016

Some years ago our clinic changed
from the 2nd Saturday of the month
to the 3rd Saturday of the month.
Which resulted in a few years of
greatly diminished patient turn out.
It has taken a long time for this to
rectify itself but the past several 
clinics have surely demonstrated that
patient turn out has returned to what
we had seen many years in the past.

Many providers have no idea of how
things happen before their arrival. We
begin handing out numbers (fichas) at
8:00 on a first come first serve basis
beginning each clinic fresh with no
carry-overs from a previous clinic. We
began this practice when I became 
involved with the clinic back in the
late 90's. This practice was instituted
in part to eliminate a previous problem
of patients having to pay the locals who
had been in charge of the clinic to see
one of the providers. 
None of those previous people are around 
any longer. I have been extremely stubborn
in maintaining this practice to this day. 
When I arrived to the November clinic at
7:30 Saturday morning this is what I found.

We begin handing out numbers to see
providers at 8:00 sharp. You can only
begin to imagine the arguments and
fights that would happen if somebody
ran up to the front of the line and said
some provider had previously told them
they would have preference to be seen
ahead of the many who had been standing
in the dark and cold waiting in hopes of
getting an early number. Not to mention
that it would be impossible for our local
volunteers (who are their neighbors) of
determining the truth of whether or not
a provider had actually made such a
commitment a month previous. So we 
always begin each clinic as if there was 
not a previous clinic giving all who have
arrived early the same chance of getting
a number to be seen by the desired 

Then folks either wait or go have breakfast
until they hear planes begin to arrive. This
month we had 11 flying angels come to
give of their heart and soul not to mention
their pocketbook in order to bring such
needed health care. Novembers planes can
be seen here:

Once planes were on the ground our clinic providers jumped
right into the fray of evaluation and treating the needs of very
thankful folks in great need of medical care. Toiling through
the entire day our wonderful providers were able to see to
the needs of 28 general medicine patients together with 16 
pediatric and 15 OBgyn on the medical front.
Our chiropractors helped 92 folks walk a little easier with 
less pain and our ophthalmologist attended to 20 patients.
Our staff was also able to help 68 folks with reading glasses.
On the dental front thanks to the Aeromdicos 21 adults were
attended to while our pediatric dentist saw to the needs of
8 children. As well 13 additional children had sealant applied
to help protect from all the sugar that our youth put into
their little bodies. Then our hygienist helped another eight
folks walk away with the prettiest whitest smiles they could
have. If I not totally shocked by the numbers it adds to
281 folks seen Saturday. Once we add 81 pharmacy fill our
November total comes to a whopping 362 actions completed
in the November clinic of the Flying Samaritans and
Aeromedicos. WAY TO GO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!! 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 2016

Each new season presents its own challenges.
We had plenty of those during the summer of
2016 and now we get the wonderful opportunity
of watching all of the efforts of those who 
dedicate  so much of their time and resources
to come to a place far far away from the hustle 
and bustle of city living in order to help their
fellow mankind. This is such a noble effort and
I am so happy to be just a small part of it all.
October clinic actually began Friday before as
I drove to pick up one of the Aeromedicos from
the airport in Loreto. That allowed triage to 
begin long before the first plane arrived. What
a great way to begin the new season. Actually
having patients ready when the providers climb
out of all those aircraft. This allowed our dentists
to help 18 folks and our hygienists to clean 20
patients teeth. 
The doctors were kept very busy helping 38 in
general medicine as well as 16 children with 
every need you can imagine. We didn't have OB
this month but stay tuned in the future. Those
chiropractors with such magic hands saw to
the needs of 85 folks. On the vision side of the
house our provider was able to help some 18
folks see better while our pilots made all of 
small text messages clear to 32 folks needing
reading glasses. That seems to add up to 227
patients seen by a provider plus 120 meds
given out in the pharmacy. Once we add that
to the number we had an astonishing 347 folks
helped on the first clinic of the season.

And this was only in Lopez Mateos. We also
sent a plane full of dental providers to Laguna
San Ignacio. I however have no idea yet of
how many folks they were able to help.

For one of the Aeromedicos and myself our
joint efforts did not end there. On Sunday we
presented CPR classes to certify nurses at the
General Hospital in Constitucion in that
life saving skill. We didn't stop there
however. Those classes were repeated for 
other groups of first responders including
firefighters, police, ambulance drivers and 
some soldiers Monday thru Wednesday. Then
we changed gear and taught classes of
treating life threatening situations to several 
groups of first responders. All of this under
the thankful umbrella of the State Healthcare
academic coordinator. Something like 130
folks were certified in CPR and another 105
folks became certified as first responders 
including the use of AED units which we
were able to provide in Spanish to 5 groups
of first responders. 

Hence, the reason why posting this blog is
a week later than normal. Can't be in two 
places at once. I am personally beyond
touched by all the efforts of the Flying
Samaritans and the Aeromedicos. These
two groups are indeed a force not to be
underestimated when they team up. WAY
TO GO on a great beginning of the 2016 
2017 season of the Lopez Mateos clinic.